Pininfarina will shortly become a manufacturer of electric vehicles and for its first battery-powered SUV it has chosen the Rivian R1S as its base

The Pininfarina electric SUV will be based on the American Rivian R1S

Pininfarina HKG K750

A few days ago we told you that the American manufacturer Rivian debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show . In this event, they presented two models, the pick R1T and the SUV R1S . Both products share a technical and aesthetic approach, since they have been developed in parallel. However, they have not left anyone indifferent, since they have a powerful electric heart .

However, it seems that Rivian will not be alone to the time to take your models to production. As we have learned, Pininfarina will have your help to create your first electric SUV. Apparently, the new Italian-Indian manufacturer is interested in the platform that Rivian has developed for these models. In this way, while creating its own engineering department, you can launch sports and exclusive products on the market.

Italian design that will come to life thanks to American technology

 Rivian R1S SUV

If we look back, the Pininfarina PF0 ​​strong> will hit the market with a powertrain from Rimac Automobili . However, it is not the only technological provider with which the design studio is working. This information comes after the Auto Show in Los Angeles, as Rivian had a mock-up of its platform on its stand. After that, both companies would have agreed to establish a collaboration agreement.

The first all electric road of Pininfarina will be called PF1 . Thanks to him, the brand hopes to enter the fashion segment with a first class product. For this, in addition to having a powertrain high, it will sport an elegant aesthetic . This will be the main differentiating point with the all-Rivian way, because its aesthetics, even being avant-garde, is at least polarizing.

In any case, Rivian has communicated that


"While you are discussing with several potential partners to take advantage of their technologies, no formal business agreement has yet been announced

In this way, we must take this information with caution, because this association could not be carried out. We will have to wait for one of the two signatures to pronounce itself and therefore, for sure, the collaboration. Anyway, the future of the sector goes through it and therefore, following the Spanish proverb "when the river sounds, water carries".

Source - Autocar

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