The Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe 4 doors wants to make us see in this video that it is a very sporty car but also versatile for day to day. Is it really a sports car as they sell it to us?

With this video they want to convince us that the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe 4 doors is the ultimate car

Mercedes-AMG GT 4 Doors

Mercedes had been creating a certain amount of expectation about her presentation for many months most important for the newly opened Geneva International Motor Show 2018 . There we were introduced to the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe , a vehicle that was born with the aim of making things difficult for the Porsche Panamera itself and that, in a few years, will also rival the future BMW Series 8 Gran Coupe.

The fact is that the German company Mercedes and AMG had promised us an authentic four-door sports car, a car that would be practically a Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe elongated to accommodate a second row of seats. With the video posted by Mercedes-Benz on its official YouTube channel that we leave you after this paragraph try to convince us that the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe 4 doors is the ultimate car . Does it convince you?

The main objective of this spot is to make us see, both potential clients and any user who likes them. cars, that the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe 4 doors is a family vehicle and versatile for a normal and daily use with the family to go to make a few fast laps to the circuit that we have closer to home . They try to transmit passion, a lot of passion, and also elegance

From my point of view, I must admit that I felt some disappointment when I saw the first images of this model. I expected something more "cañero", a lot closer to the AMG GT Coupé two-door (here test of the Roadster version), something like a four-door sports car, but I found almost a Mercedes CLS, which has been slightly altered its aesthetics to resemble something more to the aforementioned German sports developed by AMG.

Mercedes-AMG GT 4 Doors

Like my expectations were too high, but I think they were some expectations created by the company during these last months. In addition, the name of Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe 4 doors already invited to think that, although it would be a four-door, would be a derivative of the aforementioned two-seater. But no, in addition to being more of a coupe sedan than a four-door sports car, notice that inside there is space for up to five occupants if the client so wishes.

For me, and with all sincerity , one of the great disappointments of this Geneva Motor Show. Of course, I give you an opportunity to defend yourself and to show me that I'm wrong. It will be when at Actualidad Motor we can test it thoroughly.

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