Apparently, the range of Lotus could grow, as it could be developing a supercar powered by electricity with the help of Geely

Lotus could be developing an electric sports car thanks to Geely


We do not know the reason, but the history of the signatures of the English automotive sector has been very turbulent. We have clear examples in the extinct MG Rover, Mini, Bentley and Rolls Royce or Lotus . Precisely the latter is the one that is giving more tumbles, because despite being acquired a couple of years ago by Geely, still does not know where to go. Proof of this, is that they keep thinking about their future plan, the same one where their next models are.

The last model that Lotus brought to the market was in 2009 with the sports Evora . However, almost a decade from now, he needs new arguments to convince his clients. Among the future novelties is cited a SUV medium size, which in theory would make use of technology Volvo . However, today everything is in the air, as the latest information that has come to light.

The power of the Lotus EV could be around 1,000 hp


It seems that Lotus would be working with its parent company to create an electric supercar. This hypercar would be the most expensive, powerful and luxurious model that the English firm would have ever developed. For this, Hethel engineers would be sharing their knowledge with Geely and Volvo , as they still retain some of the know-how they learned with Tesla.

Rumors indicate that they would be working so that the power of this electric supercar is close to 1,000 CV . However, there is no information about the size of this model, the platform that would give it life, its autonomy or design. All in all, Geely has in hand a second production center in England as well as hiring 200 new employees.

Today, the situation in Lotus is very complex. So far this year they have only sold 145 vehicles , 25 percent less than in 2017. If so, Geely has to hurry so that their new acquisition does not end dying of starvation. However, we must be very attentive, because their future is in the air and now more than ever Lotus has to come out afloat.

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