It seems like yesterday but no. 15 years have passed since the change of double clutch DSG Volkswagen came to market in the Golf IV R32

The change of double clutch DSG of Volkswagen turns 15 years

Volkswagen Golf R32 change DSG Volkswagen

We can call it in English Direct Shift Gearbox In German it is written Direkt Schalt Getriebe . However, in Spanish it is known as Volkswagen DSG double clutch shift . Any of the three forms is valid to call it, however, it must be recognized that it has been one of the great evolutions of the automotive sector in the new millennium.

Developed for Volkswagen by the manufacturer of components Borg Warner , has become a must in the models of the German consortium. Nevertheless, its history is long and profuse, being the Golf of fourth generation the one in charge to release it. Specifically, it was the R32 , the most powerful version of the legendary German compact, which was equipped with a V6 gasoline block with 3.2 liters of displacement and 240 HP of power.

The evolution of the DSG change has been constant


After him, many have been the models of > Volkswagen Group that equip it, especially the brands Audi , Seat and Skoda . In fact, its evolution has been substantial, because if the first version had 6 relations today there is also with 7. In fact, there are four versions for "conventional" engines, which hold torque figures up to 250, 400, 420 and 550 Nm of maximum torque .

To these we must add the double-clutch DSG Hybrid with 6 ratios that integrates an electric motor and supports up to 400 Nm of torque. This version is specially developed to be included in hybrid vehicles, such as Golf or Passat GTE . Finally, we can not forget the version that is uncoupled from the engine and allows to circulate under sail to reduce consumption.

According to Volkswagen , in these 15 years more than 26 Millions of consortium customers have chosen this transmission. Thanks to its development, and to the market, automatic gearboxes became popular. In this way, manufacturers such as ZF or Aisin have put the batteries, because their transmissions by torque converter were slower and clumsier. So, today the level and competence is very similar, finding more points in common than against.

All in all, it seems that 15 years is nothing, but the > Volkswagen double clutch shift DSG has set a precedent. Therefore, it only remains to congratulate the German firm and wish DSG change a long life full of successes and many joys.

Source - Volkswagen

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