The Volkswagen Golf Mk8 will be a reality next year, but while we know its design, a first teaser has been leaked at a brand meeting

A first teaser of the Volkswagen Golf Mk8 that we will see in 2019 is filtered

Volkswagen Golf Mk8 teaser

Since the first generation of Volkswagen Golf will arrive in 1974 , his story has not stopped growing. So great is that it is the mirror in which all the firms in the sector have looked to create their compact . However, and despite being a reference, time does not pass unharmed for him, and therefore it must also be renewed. Therefore, what will be the eighth generation of the German compact should reach the market next year.

The seventh generation of Golf arrived in 2012 and your life cycle is about to run out. In addition, it should be added that although it premiered the MQB modular platform , it seemed more an evolution of Golf Mk6 than a new iteration. However, this situation will change in the face of the delivery Mk8 , as it seems that its design will be more sharp and aggressive. At least, that's what it seems in view of the teaser that has escaped the brand.

What's new in the Golf Mk8?

 Volkswagen Golf LED Headlight

The sketch that escaped to Volkswagen in a supplier meeting It is very vague. However, it has the right information to give us an idea. From the start, the optical groups become more sharp. From them comes the tension line that shapes the body and extends to pillar "C" . This element takes center stage, because it looks wider and more fluid than in the current Golf. However, the body is more sharp and aerodynamic.

At the technical level, you will probably receive the MQB modular platform in its EVO version. Thanks to it, it will have a greater wheelbase , respecting an external size content. With this configuration, Volkswagen engineers seek to offer a spacious interior and trunk , without increasing its size and weight. In addition, its range should be composed of three body types, the hatchback , a family and finally, the iteration monovolume .

Inscription Volkswagen Golf

The mechanical range of the Volkswagen Golf Mk8 will still consider mechanical gasoline , diesel and gas . However, the hybridization system of 12 and 48 volts will be extended, helping to keep emissions and consumption at bay. However, a hybrid and another electric version will also be present, keeping the current range. In this way, the transition to electrification will be easier.

The official presentation of the Golf Mk8 could take place at the Geneva Motor Show next year. The appointment is not confirmed, but we know that its entry into production will be in the third quarter of next year. Therefore, it should be on these dates. In any case, we will be attentive to the news that may occur.

Source - Volkswagen

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