The Aston Martin Valkyrie shows us its 6.5-liter V12 engine and its roar. Develops 1,000 HP and 740 Nm, with a maximum turning speed of 11,100 rpm

The 6.5 V12 engine of the Aston Martin Valkyrie gives 1,000 hp and goes up to 11,100 rpm

6.5 liter V12 engine with 1,000 hp from the Aston Martin Valkyrie

In these times where ecology and low consumption are practically the two main pillars of any to be taken into account when developing a new mechanics, it is surprising that we see a masterpiece of engineering as the engine of the next Aston Martin Valkyrie . From Gaydon we receive some information about benefits and also a video with its symphony at maximum performance.

Developed by Cosworth , the engine that we see in the images is a V12 at 65 degrees that covers nothing less than 6.5 liters . This propeller, which is of atmospheric admission, develops a maximum power of 1,000 hp at 10,500 rpm ., Before reaching the cut that is at 11,100 laps. Its gigantic torque of 740 Nm is obtained at 7,000 rpm.

The specific power of this V12 engine is 156 HP per liter , a very surprising fact for a mechanics that dispenses with overfeeding. These are the features that only the thermal engine develops, because we remember that the propellant system is hybrid.

The 6.5-liter V12 engine, in addition to offer some amazing performance figures, pe sa 206 kilos, which is surprisingly little for a mechanics of these characteristics. Taking as reference the last Cosworth engine created for F1, a 3.0-liter V6, its weight was 97 kilos. If we make a rule of three simple between displacement and weight, the result is that this V12 for a street car is lighter than that V6 for F1.

Except for the engine block, the cylinder heads and the crankcase, the vast majority of internal components have been manufactured from a solid material, with a machining process very, very precise so that everything is correctly adjusted. The crankshaft , for example, has been created from a steel bar of 170 mm in diameter and 775 mm in length, on which it has been machined. The result is a crankshaft 50% lighter than the Aston Martin One-77.

V12 engine with 1,000 HP of Aston Martin Valkyrie
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