Finally, our prayers have been heard, because the Nissan GT-R50 created with Italdesign will reach the assembly line, although there will only be 50 units

Finally, the Nissan GT-R50 designed with Italdesign will go into production

The Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign came to our lives to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the acronyms GT-R and Italdesign . For this reason, both firms decided to join, it is very rare that two icons of the automotive world celebrate such an important anniversary at the same time. However, as soon as the prototype was presented in the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​ the alarms went off, because whatever it was, it had to reach the production .

The reception of the GT-R50 by Italdesign was so good that finally Nissan had to give way. This we could intuit last July, because there were already rumors that it would finally be like that. However, it has not been until now that the Japanese firm has confirmed its entry into production. However, there are two small problems: the first, the number of units to be manufactured and the second, its price .

It will only be 50 units and it will arrive in mid-2019

Yes gentlemen, yes, the final production of the Nissan GT-R50 will be limited, very limited to 50 units . However, each can be decorated to the taste of its buyer, thus leaving aside the color combination of the concept. In any case, the great news is that it will keep the taxi train that gave life to the conceptual model. In this way, this model does not remain as a mere aesthetic preparation, but goes further.

To encourage the GT-R50, we find the V6 3.8-liter petrol engine of the standard GT-R. Thanks to the addition of two larger turbos and intercoolers, new injectors and improved pistons, the power increases to 720 HP and 780 Nm of maximum torque . The transmission and the differentials will also undergo major changes, since they have to digest a greater effort.

They will be joined by a new adjustable suspension signed by Bilstein DampTronic and a braking team Brembo . The improvements are completed with lighter 21-inch alloy wheels. All these improvements come directly from the GT3 program racing, demonstrating what the Japanese firm is capable of. In addition, improvements are also proposed in the interior, such as the carbon fiber dashboard.

All this is very good, but it will not be a model for the masses. As we said before, the production will be limited to only 50 units . In addition, we must add a price that will be around 100 thousand euros. However, we feel happy even if we can not buy it, because we can surely see it in a circuit or fast track. Deliveries will begin in mid-2019 so if you want one, do not run, fly.

Source - Nissan

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