Everything you need to register a foreign car in Spain. Process that depends on who you buy it from and if it is new or second hand.

How to register a foreign car in Spain

To register a foreign car in Spain our country you have to complete some procedures more than with the Spanish vehicles. Although in essence the paperwork you will have to face are the same. As often happens with any bureaucratic procedure, if the car comes from another European Union state, everything will be easier than if you buy it outside of it.

Another factor that affects the efforts you will have to do it's to whom you buy the vehicle . It is not the same to buy a private person, than to a foreign sale or a Spanish purchase that brings the car from outside. Therefore, we will also indicate what you must complete in each of these cases.

First Step: the roles of the car and the sale

Regardless of who the seller is, make sure you get all the documentation in order . In the papers of the car will come data like his fiscal power, his level of homologated emissions or simply the type of vehicle that is. Information that you will need when you are going to carry out the rest of the procedures. You will also have to get the following documents according to your case:

If it is a new foreign car purchased in another country of the European Union:

  • Proof of VAT payment (model 309 or 300 of the State Tax Agency) or prove being included in the census of VAT taxpayers.

If it is a used foreign car purchased in another country of the European Union :

  • In the event that it is a sale between individuals , it is necessary to obtain: the contract of sale, a translation of it and the Transmission Tax Patrimonial.
  • In the case that has been purchased from a foreign sale , the invoice must be obtained in which the VAT number must appear.
  • And finally if the car has been achieved through u n Spanish purchase and sale , the invoice and a document issued by the Treasury will be needed, in which it is justified to be registered in that activity during the corresponding fiscal year. Although normally this procedure can be handled by the seller himself.

If it is a foreign car purchased in another country that does not belong to the European Union:

  • Original documentation of the vehicle and Single Administrative Document (SAD) issued by the Customs, unless the ITV card shows the importation of the vehicle.

Second step: Registration Tax

The car registration tax depends on the level of CO2 emissions Have your car. That is why it is necessary to have all the papers to know it. It is a percentage of the net value of the vehicle. That is, its value without taxes:

  • Less than 120 g/km: exempt from the registration tax
  • Between 120 and 160 g/km: 4.75%
  • Between 160 and 200 g/km: 9.75%
  • More than 200 g/km: 14.75%.

In the foreign cars the tax of circulation also is done through the model 576 .If you do not do it telematically, the bank will give you the Full Reference Number or NRC code , which is what you need to submit the form later. Once it is paid, they should give you a proof of payment that you will need when you go to Traffic.

Third Step: Tax of Circulation

Even if you are a foreigner , you must now pay the Tax for the car. It is a municipal tax, so you must process it with the municipality of the municipality where you are registered. Its amount depends on the fiscal power of your car and the place where you have to pay it (Madrid is not the same as Badajoz or Avila). Once paid, they should give you a proof of payment that you will need when you go to Traffic.

The best you can do is check on the website of your town hall payment methods. Normally it can be done telematically. For example, city councils in cities such as Barcelona or Madrid have a dedicated website.

Fourth step: go to a Traffic Headquarters

Like in any other transaction with Traffic (except to pay fines), you must make an appointment at a Traffic Headquarters to present all the documentation , which in the case of foreign cars includes some paper plus:

  • Proof of payment of the registration tax
  • Proof of payment of the tax of circulation
  • Documentation of the car (ITV card in format paper with the diligence of sale)
  • Your DNI, passport or residence permit
  • In addition to the documents indicated in the First step, depending on what your casuistry is.

As in any registration, foreign cars also require payment of the corresponding fee to the Expedici n traffic permits, which is 97.80 euros (Price, 2018). Once you have done everything, they will give you the definitive documentation and the registration number that corresponds to you.

Fifth step: order the license plates

Go to a center where you can order the approved license plates . You will need the original documentation of the car and provide your personal information: ID, address and name. If you are going to put the license plates yourself, remember that there are several ways to put them: screw, tack or strong double-sided adhesive tape.

Can I choose the registration number of my car?

Even if the car is foreign , as you are enrolling in Spain you can not choose the license plate , because it is in order of request. As curious data we can tell you that there are countries where you can do, at the same time you can transfer the number between people.

This generates a whole market of sale of license plates with figures ranging from hundreds of pounds at exorbitant amounts. For example, in the United Kingdom there are license plates such as the Bugatti Veyron that showed the license plate "F1" with a price of 14,412,093 pounds sterling, which at the current exchange rate of 16.3 million euros. That is, a price much higher than the already very expensive supercar.

If you are interested in the registration of foreign cars you may also be interested how to exchange a foreign driver's license in Spain.

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